Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Postcon sketches

Here are some sketches done in the past couple weeks...

Random Girl


Dwarfstar characters



Communications officer

Communications officer


Monday, August 23, 2010

24 Hour Comic - Trial Run

I erroneously assumed that 24 hour comic day was this past Saturday and tried to do it. I definitely learned a lot about the needs for this undertaking and also about the issues with proper rest. I ended up drawing about 12 hours and finished 7 pencil pages...a bit rough, but they turned out rather nice, considering only about 1.25-2 hours each.

If anyone has a title suggestion, I'm definitely open. I'd like to pursue the story further down the line.

Digital Comic!!!

My first full fledged work is now published and digital. Check out Livelihood: Billy Jump, a prequel to the movie, Livelihood. Digital downloads are a buck for a 24 page book.

All artwork (pencils, inks, colors, graytones and even the lettering) is done by yours truly. Feel free to let me know your thoughts as this is in a slightly different style than I typically draw.