Friday, April 3, 2015

Au'Makua - Issue #1 Thumbnails

A lot of people have asked what I do on the book since I am a layout artist.  When I explain that I essentially storyboard the book then do the initial drawings with Chris Caravalho doing the finished artwork, most people seem to jump to the conclusion that I am the penciller and that Chris is the inker.  Basically, I do the "storyboard" and then put in really rough pencils for Chris to clean up and finish.
Above is the thumbnail/storyboard for page 3 to give an example.  This gives Chris a good idea of the story pace and dialogue placement (which is very important and harder than it looks). After it's approved, I put that on the actual page for Chris to tighten the images/artwork and add the backgrounds.
And that's essentially how it works.  For more random sketches/work, follow me on InstaGram: @krislohmanart

I will be posting more work related stuff here--relating both to the Au'Makua process and to my own creator-owned comics: DwarfStar 7 and Dangercomics!